Will Any Blue Do?

This Week in the Narrative 113

Nigel Clarke

Bad news: Broadly, a shut down government is about the same as a functioning one at this point.

Earlier, 14 days into a shut down over his proposed border wall, President Trump surmised that the situation could continue for “months or even years,” adding, with his typical lack of understanding of the ‘everyperson’ he purports to represent, his thoughts on government workers currently not being paid, saying, “This really does have a higher purpose than next week’s pay. I think they’d  say, ‘Mr. President, keep going. This is far more important.’”

When the government is shut down, millions are affected, most specifically those in so-called “nonessential” government jobs, those members of “paycheck-to-paycheck” America told they will not be receiving this paycheck indefinitely, and those lower-income people and veterans reliant on government programs and assistance.

Yet, even with the government shut down, members of Congress continue to receive their paychecks — apparently an “essential” service — and they continue to receive campaign contributions and enjoy lavish events; plus, bombs are still falling as the American military campaigns across the globe, oil is still pumping, and Wall Street continues to fluctuate wildly as the “transfer of wealth” algorithm does its job.

In other words, a government shut down doles out harms on the 99% while allowing the elite to accumulate wealth and power much in the same way a functioning government does.

Understanding this begs questions of Trump’s presidency, of the 2020 election, of the state of the country as a whole. Namely, how vigorously should those concerned with enacting change rather than stacking it be cheering for a fire which burns the current structure to the ground, allowing for growth and rebuilding anew?

Take a simple example — the 2020 election.

Establishment Democrats will tell you that “Any Blue [except Bernie] Will Do,” that is, that who the Democratic nominee is doesn’t matter so long as Trump is defeated.

Yet establishment Democrats were among the most vocally opposed when the President announced his (still unrealized) intention to reduce troop presence in the Middle East; they are the ones currently hobnobbing with Wall Street, gaining funds and instructions from their bosses for 2020; they are the ones who only this week, in the face of repeated proclamations by the scientific community that the very existence of humanity is under threat from environmental calamity, introduced legislation to sabotage any attempts at a Green New Deal.

It’s pretty clear that for anyone concerned with the plight of the 99%, concerned with the plight of the planet, any blue will not do.

But take it further — Even understanding that hard times disproportionately affect those already marginalized, should those concerned with the plight of the 99% be actively cheering against establishment Democrats in 2020 in order to throw more fuel on the dumpster fire, should they be rooting on a government shut down in that it exposes the middle management position currently occupied by their government in the global oligarchy? Is it reformation or reconstruction?

For those concerned with the plight of the 99%, it’s not so much “Any Blue Will Do,” as it is “Will Any Blue Do?”

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Written by Nigel Clarke

Writer and notorious vagabond. From the frozen north. Follow Nigel on Twitter @Nig_Clarke.

Nigel Clarke is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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