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No, Trump’s Foreign Policy is Not Boosting America’s Standing

A rebuttal of NY Post Contributor Michael Goodwin

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Trump’s foreign policy has been unpredictable and disastrous by most accounts, yet some are more than willing to brush that to the side, interpreting the present absence of nuclear war as evidence of Trump’s foreign policy prowess. This is exactly what New York Post contributor Michael Goodwin would have you believe. The reality is that Trump’s foreign policy has put America into a freefall with the rest of the world and we just haven’t hit the ground yet.

Goodwin would have you believe that Trump’s policy of strong-arming the international community on practically every conceivable issue has brought huge wins for the United States. The dismal reality is that Trump is using America’s international clout to escalate conflict worldwide while dismantling the barriers put in place to prevent it. And when you look at the victories cited by Goodwin, they do little more than bring economic suffering to Americans and conflict to the world. Victory in Trump’s eyes is measured by who can dish out the most hurt and take the most hits. And even when you lose, you spin it as a win.

His trade war with China is objectively a disaster. Rather than bringing jobs to the U.S., Trump has succeeded in raising prices on consumer goods and allowing American industries to be crippled by retaliatory Chinese tariffs as American taxpayers shell out a fresh $12 billion to plug the hole. We were told that Trump would bring jobs that had been sold out to China back to the United States. It goes without saying that this has not happened. Of course, Donald Trump knows this firsthand because his re-election flags are being made at a factory in China.

“This trade war is cutting the legs out from under farmers and the White House’s ‘plan’ is to spend $12 billion on gold crutches,” said Senator Ben Sasse, of Nebraska who frequently criticizes the president, a fellow Republican.” – Reuters

Tensions with Russia have been on the rise for much of the last decade as NATO’s strategic maneuvers in former eastern bloc countries have placed it on Russia’s doorstep, pushing the world’s second largest military to take aggressive action to secure its own regional interests. Given the precarious state of relations in Eastern Europe, convincing NATO members to up their defense spending is nothing more than an escalation of this ongoing conflict.

Not forgetting to make things worse in the Middle East, Trump has given Iran new incentive to create nuclear weapons by withdrawing from the Obama-era Iran Deal and re-imposing sanctions on the country as he did last week. Before the negotiation of the Iran Deal in 2015, Iran was on a fast track to obtaining weapons of mass destruction. Experts at the time estimated that they could make them in as little as ten months. Iran is in the middle of an economic crisis brought on, in part, by investment in the country vanishing because the country is once again being cut off from the world economy. Unemployment is skyrocketing as people can’t afford to buy food at its ever-inflating prices. What better time to kick the hornet’s nest? Iran has a long history of rearing its head up rather than submitting when challenged by foreign powers. Threatening war, as Trump has done repeatedly with Iran, only gives legitimacy to its government’s nuclear aspirations. Mission Accomplished.

Like the man he worships, Michael Goodwin mistakes caution for weakness and stupidity for strength. Evidently, Trump’s fundamentally flawed strategy has already cost America the “world standing” which it seeks. I suggest that Goodwin checks his facts and holds his tongue, because there is still plenty of time for nuclear war as long as Trump is president.

Written by Hank Jirousek

The rhetorical baby-faced killer: Chicago-based.

Hank Jirousek is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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No, Trump’s Foreign Policy is Not Boosting America’s Standing