Interview: Alex Jones’s Ex-Wife on Him, Their Children, and Bernie

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Earlier this month, Alex Jones harassed Bernie Sanders at LAX Airport. He repeated a litany of conspiracy theories about the Senator and at one point called him the “King of Communism.” I spoke to his ex-wife Kelly about the incident and the ongoing battle for custody of their kids.

GC: You told Newsweek that your son was involved in the scene of harassment of Bernie Sanders at Los Angeles International Airport “at the encouragement of his father, Alex Jones.”

You tweeted: 


Can you elaborate about the incident itself? You mentioned that Alex Jones is a hypocrite. Can you explain exactly how so?

KJ: Yeah, it has been shocking to me the degree to which Alex is a hypocrite. He has attacked my free speech and civil liberties. While he was appealing to people for donations, telling people he was being censored on YouTube, which is very much not the case, he had active filings in court trying to completely block my free speech. Also, Alex, to me, really overtly manifests or demonstrates hypocrisy to our children in many of his actions and lifestyle choices. Particularly, he has this spin against the elite, right?

GC: Right.

KJ: Well, when he was running through the airport chasing Bernie Sanders, saying [paraphrasing] “I bet you fly first class” and Alex I know flew first class on that trip. It can easily be corroborated. It has been my experience that he flies first class always. So what does that tell a child when you are calling someone else out for the thing you are doing yourself? It’s just morally incorrect; it’s unethical and it’s hypocritical. Then, I believe what my son was saying on the video, I believe he was accusing Bernie of owning a million-dollar vacation house. I mean, Alex has multiple multimillion-dollar plus houses, including one on a lake. So, I do not see how this child, who goes and stays at his father’s million-dollar vacation homes himself, should be calling out Bernie Sanders on the possibility or speculation that he might own a vacation home or lake house. It’s concerningly hypocritical and alarming that my child has assimilated this proclivity that Alex has of accusing others of things he himself is guilty of.

GC: I can understand.

KJ: Alex built his empire off libertarian speech, centered around small government and around concerns over overreaching police state actions and privacy issues. And, of course, now he has become the mouthpiece for Donald Trump and when Donald Trump or his cabinet is overseeing things that are obviously alarming to people that are concerned about civil liberties and privacy and things of that nature. It’s horrible. So, how does a child even process that? My dad says this is bad, but when I can call someone else out on it and maybe get a headline I am going to scream about it through an airport. It’s horrible on so many levels.

GC: What about the legality of it?

KJ: While this is going on, he is actively breaking a court order by putting my son in the air. He is not allowed to do that. He’s not allowed to record my child for any other purpose than for like a family event. Normal things. Clearly, he knows the children are not to be involved at all. And the whole premise of the judge not allowing footage of InfoWars to come before the jury was Alex’s absolute hypocritical statement that he’s an actor.

There is nothing more that irritates me than people who think he is funny, or laugh thinking he is such a weirdo guy or whatever. They say, “Oh, he’s an actor, or how much of it is an act?”

None of it is an act.

That’s like him reigned in. That’s him.

GC: (laughs)

KJ: It is. Geoff, it is literally him reigned in. The thing that you are missing is the really bizarre behavior but also his really violent nature. Which you do see, but in real life the ripping out of TVs and doors off of walls and stuff like this and punching holes in the walls, things that are terrifying right, you are missing that. It’s not funny. No, he is not an actor. He lied about being an actor to try to steal custody, to take kids from their mom. Not just to take them from me, but from me to be taken from them. Kids need a mama. Right? So he lied to say he was an actor. It is all hypocrisy.

GC: Well that was going to be my next question. My next question was, he attempted to prove to the court that his on-air personality was “performance art” and that he is “playing a character,”

And I was going to ask, do you think it is an act, is this his real persona, or is it somewhere in the middle?

KJ: It is so hurtful to have to address this, it is so irritating, because it is obviously such a lie. There are like 20 witnesses that could have come forward, including Rob Jacobson and Ashley Beckford who filed complaints against him for sexual harassment and racial discrimination, to say, “of course it’s not an act, of course he is way worse.” The frustration, of course, is the legal overlay of this. But who has the audacity to build their empire off of being… he presents himself as being this cult leader or icon of ethical behavior and justice and righteousness. Who has the gall to do that, to go into a court to say he that he is [an] actor, to steal a mama away from three kids? Who does that?

He is a liar. How does he have a following? I do not get it. And the following is funding his litigation against me. That is part of the reason I speak out to you. So he does this big free speech donation drive claiming he is being censored and asking people to send him money. People need to think about this: he is paying thousands of dollars an hour to attorneys. I want these people to understand what they are paying for. There is no grey area there. As he is lying about his free speech stance. And it is irritating to me, Geoff, because for some reason the public will not grasp this concept. The litigation that I am in, you can say is family litigation or whatever, it’s not. It is punitive vexatious litigation. That is a legal term. It’s litigation done to harm and hurt. The point is that people need to comprehend that he is actively using my public speech, Alex Jones of all people in the world, his business is called “Free Speech Systems”, it is “the first amendment at its best,” is his tagline and he’s doing these free speech conferences in DC and free speech donation drives. It’s really like a televangelist, right?

GC: (laughs) Right.

KJ: It’s like a guy saying give me all your money so I can go buy a jet because God told me to. Now the God I know and love and who got me through this trial is nowhere in Alex Jones.

GC: Does he [Alex] tell your children it’s an act, or do they think that is really him?

KJ: There is no disconnect between the show and his life. The show is playing constantly, he’s filming in front of the kids. My kids’ family vacation has been Alex chasing Bernie Sanders around an airport and then the next day him going on some weird rant about pedophiles. I hope my kids are not around. It is not like he turns on the Alex Jones switch, in fact, he turns the volume way down.

GC: Many people know him as a conspiracy theorist. Is there any of these conspiracy theories that he is spreading that you worry will impact your kids or society in general?

KJ: I mean are there any that I am not, really? (laughing) In general, I’ve been alarmed about the overt misogyny and sometimes racism that has been passed down to my children and it breaks my heart. I’ve had my daughter tell me that she doesn’t think that a woman should be President or a judge. And I told her I hope you will do the best to become both of those things if that is what you want. It is heartbreaking. But I would say the most alarming is his medical paranoia. Not only does he not follow normal prescribed medical care for my kids, he tells them they aren’t ill, they don’t need it, and that they have allergies. This has culminated in untreated pneumonia and untreated broken bones. I cannot tell you how terrifying it is. And the worst part is that they are bullied about their own medical care. So they are afraid to bring up when they are not feeling well. Alex had two family members die of pneumonia and then didn’t follow prescribed medical care for pneumonia in our child. It is horrific. And I had a child show up that could barely open her eyes, I can’t even talk about it. (crying) I mean she was so sick. It was at a time when I had very limited contact and custody. I mean one of my children hadn’t seen the doctor in years. For anything. No well check, nothing. That is incredibly irresponsible. I do not think it is Munchausen by proxy to think your child should get a yearly check up.

GC: So basically he doesn’t want them to go to the doctor because in his mind the kids haven’t been sick?

KJ: He is paranoid of the doctor. The doctor is evil or bad and wants to harm them. It is a real paranoia. You don’t need a psychology degree to say if you have this much fear about everything in the world that you have paranoia. My children are also isolated and secluded. They go to a private school. They have a small entourage that sort of keeps them isolated.

It is like a cult. He is a cultist. He is a cult. I said it in court. He is a cult leader. People worship him, he can do no wrong. If you look at him like a cult leader, then what judge leaves kids in the hands of someone like that?  

He is so overtly out of his head. And some people think that is funny. But it is not. I feel sorry for Alex, he is a pathetic guy. I just want it to stop.

GC: Were all of your children at the airport when this incident with Bernie Sanders occurred?

KJ: Yes. I wasn’t there, but I know they were all traveling together for sure. And my understanding was that this was the first trip ever that my kids were not flying first class. In addition to that, I never flew in a plane the entire time I was married to Alex. He never let me go anywhere. He completely controlled my life. He has taken this new woman [new wife], who he was clearly with during our marriage, who has a questionable background. […] And he has taken her all over the world. He really treated me bad. He is an abusive narcissist.

GC: Do you have any personal political leanings?

KJ: I was raised by two Texan Democrats. I am more about ethics and decency than I am about politics. When I met Alex I did kind of jive to the libertarian side of things. I wish I had a more formulated political position. I think in many ways I am conservative because I am a Christian believer. But I am also tolerant. I am not going to judge anyone for their lifestyle choices, ever.

I think people need to be left to their own lives. I am profoundly anti-Donald Trump. He is not a conservative. He is a fascist and that is in no way okay. Our country is in a desperate situation.

GC: I ask this in all of my interviews. Would Bernie have won if he had been able to run vs. Donald Trump?

KJ: I just don’t have the knowledge to make a statement. I will tell you this, I was no fan of any of the candidates that ran. I think Trump had disproportionate and inappropriate political power and access to media, through people like my ex-husband in very questionable ways that were clearly planned and premeditated. This is my speculation, but I will tell you Geoff, Alex Jones was never partisan in his life until Roger Stone came on the scene.  

GC: Thank you for talking with me. Before we go, what is the best way people can help you?

KJ: I need support to raise awareness about my case. I have a website,

I am asking for donations, which is hard to do, because my litigation is so expensive. Also, I need help to encourage reporters to promote my story and create awareness. If enough people care, bigger media will pick it up. Hopefully, that pressure will break open the cover-up of what is going on in this case.

Editor’s Note: This interview was slightly modified to remove content that may have been personally identifying.

Written by Geoff Campbell

Geoff was born in Miami,Florida. He attended the University of Florida, where he graduated with honors in History & Jewish Studies. His passion for history led him to an interest in politics and socioeconomic justice. Follow him on Twitter @GeoffMiami.

Geoff is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.

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Interview: Alex Jones’s Ex-Wife on Him, Their Children, and Bernie