Support for Trump “Eroding” in the South

Support for President Trump may be “eroding” according to a new poll. A recent NBC/Survey Monkey poll showed his favorability on the decline in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Georgia, NBC News reported. Georgia is a state to watch in the upcoming election cycle given the demographic changes often highlighted by progressive organization.

While it is great that support for Trump is weakening, this does not automatically translate into Democratic wins. In order to build on the perceived momentum, candidates for office need to build with the communities they intend to serve. Giving people something to believe in and vote for will go a long way to turning Georgia around. With Republican candidates for Governor jockeying over who has a bigger gun and whose plan will lock up for “illegal aliens,” and SOS candidates doubling down on nonexistent “voter fraud,” we need strong alternatives and people willing to say enough with the lying and distorting information. Candidates have to get out there and provide voters with a bit of political education in addition to the “Vote for me, ’cause I’m amazing” stump.

Nothing should be taken as a sure thing and turning out voters, particularly those usually overlooked, is necessary to win. Vote shaming does not work. People need to have real connections to the issues and it is for each candidate to make the best case for their vision and ability to do the job.

Trump is a mess and those who cling to him will become vulnerable but do not rest on this alone. Support for Trump, or lack thereof, also doesn’t translate into people voting against Republicans at the state and local level. They need to be given a reason. We need people unafraid to explain why protecting undocumented individuals from excessive and abusive law enforcement action is the right thing to do.

Bigotry masked as safety and law and order has no place in communities of color regardless of citizenship. And we need candidates willing to say that head on and not simply talk about having coffee with cops. Strength, collective vision, and a clearly defined path are needed to take advantage of the changing wind.


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Written by Anoa Changa

Mom 1st, Lawyer 2nd. Anoa Changa is Director of Political Advocacy and a Managing Editor of Progressive Army, as well as a member of its Editorial Board. She hosts The Way with Anoa, Wednesdays at 9pm ET on YouTube . Follow her on Twitter @TheWayWithAnoa. "Never tell me the odds." - Han Solo

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