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The Time For Incredulity is Over

The Mutualistic Symbiosis of The Resistance

On June 16, 2015, Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States and the Time of Incredulity began. Two years and seven months later, the news cycle has and continues to feed off of the shock and awe of every move Trump makes.

At this time, the need for honest and proper journalism is at a premium. Journalism is a precious commodity and it is a waste of time to continue this superficial resistance that has become dependant on the beast it claims to fight against. In this political symbiosis, The Resistance movement cannot survive without the host, Trump, because it has become unfocused and reactionary. Its standard operating procedure revolves around responding to every hot take, creating catchy slogans, merchandising, and publicity stunts. This movement has locked itself into a relationship where it has no true power because it needs the outlandish behavior of this administration to survive.

Reactionary is not Revolutionary

The Resistance has even taken on some of the behaviors of its host and a troubling ideology is permeating the political landscape of the left. I have watched with sickening disappointment as people who are clamoring for a change fall into the mindless cycle of mimicking the very actions they are attempting to correct. This was the inevitable end of the road where the only requirement for a candidate was to be better than the worst of the opposition. Incredulity at the most outlandish of behaviors of the current administration is the only thing necessary to add to the drain of our already limited resources.

Most recently, it has come in the form of propping up celebrities with little to no political background and being willing to back them without knowing anything about their political stances or aptitude for operating in the political arena. With the #ImWithHer twitter hashtag moving seamlessly from Hillary Clinton to support Oprah Winfrey or Chelsea Manning, The Resistance has embroiled itself into a real-life Celebrity Deathmatch that has little more than the appeal of star power to propel it forward.

Amid the growing list of things that progressives must address in its own house, this misuse of the opportunity to truly rebuild our government is becoming one of the most troubling. Journalistic resources are being wasted chasing the next big headline or headliner rather than focusing on educating and informing the public. This is what the revolution is trying to fight, this is not the time for the “If you can’t beat them, join them” attitude. Blind support for anything and everything anti-Trump is damaging and sadly, sets a bar so low that it is practically underground.

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We have long passed the point where we can only sit and point to the constant stream of increasingly problematic policy and feign shock time and time again. We have to turn away from the train wreck and focus on the work that needs to be done. Progressives must force and facilitate the conversations between the powers that be and the marginalized citizens whose most basic needs are being denied. It is not enough to point at what is wrong. We must show how to get to what is right. Our work and our attention must be a reflection of our values and we can not do that as long as we are pulled into the deafening din of every hot take and drawn off-course every day by the latest fallout that gives us a snippet that can be slapped on a t-shirt or coffee mug.

The time of incredulity is over. It is time for the reckoning that will drive the revolution forward.


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Written by Pamela Getz

Writer and Activist. Follow Pamela on Twitter @goddesspamela.

Pamela Getz is Editor of International Affairs for Progressive Army and a member of its Editorial Board.

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The Time For Incredulity is Over