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Cuomo Education Budget Fails

Alternative Facts and Historical Fiction: Fact Checking Governor Cuomo on School Aid

Cover of Alternative Facts & Historical Fiction: Fact Checking Governor Cuomo on School Aid; Published February 2017 by the Alliance for Quality Education

Cuomo #Education Budget Fails

A few weeks ago we discussed New York State’s education funding. Governor Andrew Cuomo has failed to address the state’s failure to support poor children. The Alliance for Quality Education (AQE) has published a white paper on the budget proposal titled Alternative Facts & Historical Fiction: Fact Checking Governor Cuomo on School Aid. In the paper, the AQE details the falsehoods in the budget and statements emanating from the Governor’s mansion. Here are some of the highlights:

• Since becoming governor in 2011, Andrew Cuomo has shown repeatedly that he will not comply with the landmark State Court of Appeals decision in Campaign for Fiscal Equity v. The State of New York and provide the funding necessary to make systemic and lasting improvements in schools in economically disadvantaged communities across the state.
• The Governor and members of his administration have aggressively and consistently misrepresented his actions on education funding.
• A recent assertion by the Cuomo administration that the court decision had no bearing on Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s action in 2007 to create Foundation Aid is not true.
» Budget materials from 2007 from the Executive, Senate, and Assembly all link Foundation Aid directly to the court decision.
• The Cuomo administration’s assertion that the Governor is not proposing to eliminate the Foundation Aid formula for 2017-2018 is not true.
» The State Assembly’s Review and Analysis of the 2017-18 Executive Budget states: “The Executive eliminates the Foundation Aid formula and the future obligation of $4.3 billion.”
• Foundation Aid formula is not simply a method for dividing funding between school districts. It is a formula that, according to the State Education Department, “distributes funds to school districts based on the cost of providing an adequate education.”
»Foundation Aid for school districts is based on factors including the prevalence of student poverty, disability and English language learners, regional costs and other economic conditions in a given community. If it is fully funded, it will provide high-need school districts with the resources needed to meet their students’ needs.
 Recently Anoa Changa of The Way with Anoa hosted a chat with Mr. Billy Easton, Executive Director of the Alliance for Quality Education. Representing Louisa Project 2027, I sat in on the conversation.

Watch The Way with Anoa & Louisa Project 2027 on Education Funding

Written by Michael Redwine

I write about current events and the intersection of education, innovation and entrepreneurship for http://progressivearmy.com.

Michael Redwine is a Senior Writer for Progressive Army and a member of its Editorial Board.

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Cuomo Education Budget Fails