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Trump is Radical, But So is the GOP

Source: NPR

Far-right parties have been on the rise all around the European Union, challenging the technocrats in Brussels. Even though they don’t have a neoliberal platform since most of them support a “populist” form of government, they actually fall on the socially authoritarian side of the political spectrum. Parties like UKIP, National Front, Alternative for Germany and Netherlands Freedom Party have been making headlines in their respective countries, because of their sharp rise in polling and relative popularity between civilians, which has not been seen since decades ago when far-right parties governed Europe.

Americans are pretty much concerned that this will happen to them too. They’re afraid of Donald Trump’s movement and victory in the elections, fueled by populist and right-wing propaganda, which is concerning due to its resemblance to Europe’s far-right groups. But I just simply don’t get why so many people believe that this process is “just starting” in the United States.

The United States of America has been dealing with a far-right anti-immigration party which reinforced corporatocracy in and around the US, and that party is none other than the Grand Old Party.

Why do I claim the GOP is a far-right party? Well if you disagree with me claiming that “back in the past century, people were more racist, sexist, bigoted” I will say that that’s true. But we should also remember that the Republican party used the southern strategy for decades, courting white, southern, Christian Americans to line up to support whoever was the GOP candidate. Using coded language to install fear and bigotry towards socialists, immigrants, LGBT people and minorities.

People are afraid about Trump’s denial of climate change, but that’s pretty much the position the Republican Party has had for years. There’s also the fact that the border wall and massive deportations Trump proposed were already supported by Republicans and those policies were already implemented by two presidents who weren’t even part of the Republican Party: former President Bill Clinton (a 325 mile-long fence was built during his administration, and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supported it). The current President of the United States, Barack Obama, is the president who has deported the most amount of immigrants in the history of the United States of America.

We should note also that Trump’s picks for his cabinet are technically the same as Bush era and some picks resemble Obama’s years also: Goldman Sachs CEOs, lobbyists, neo-conservatives, people who “contradict” the position that they were assigned to (like Trump’s pick for the EPA who actually doesn’t believe in climate change).

The US public and media are concerned about Trump starting a major war when in reality Obama has intervened by bombing 7 countries during his 8 years in office. Can someone actually pass that record?

The president-elect’s economic plan, which is horrid at its core because of the obvious corporatist tendencies, is not too different from Reagan’s or Bush’s back in their respective administrations, which is “cutting taxes on the rich” (trickle-down economics on steroids).

His opposition to increasing the minimum wage is relatively the average Republican position and the same goes with his disdain for Obamacare and the cutting of social security.

Trump, during his campaign trail, claimed he wanted a “complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”. Though more radical than the average GOP position, some Republicans like Ted Cruz believed in some form of banning of Muslims entering the US.

Something that in actuality Trump might implement unconsciously is the theocrat agenda some Republicans push for, like picking a Christian supremacist like Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence for Vice President, but we ought to look at the past and see how some theocrats like Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, and Ted Cruz were actually competing for the presidency, and not only have Christian supremacists been part of this year’s election, but of every election in the history of the U.S.A.

Every single modern nation in the world has Universal Healthcare and most of them have free public education, while in the United States even the two major parties oppose even mild forms of those ideas.

Both Democrat and Republican administrations have supported bills and actions that have resulted in the mass incarcerations of African-Americans, massive deportations, right-wing coups, spying on civilians, wars, appointing lobbyists to high-ranking positions, taking Super PAC donations, jailing of whistleblowers , human rights violations, harming the environment, and don’t get me started on the fascist US policies that suppressed socialists and leftists in the USA and around the world by doing mass kidnappings and overthrowing governments.

Republicans are the “far-right” party everyone “fears” will get power in the US. I’m sorry to ruin the surprise but they have had their right-wing radical ideas since the Reagan years. Democrats are a center-right neoliberal party which courts corporations and neoliberal trade deals that harm the common American worker. Both parties’ support for the United States imperialistic agenda shows how the US does not need a president like Trump in order to go and oppress other nations. The system was broken way before he was even popular among the public and the support he got was the result of a broken far-right corporatist establishment that undermined the American working class in favor of Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

The only way we can defeat Trumpism and the right-wing establishment that the corporatist party duopoly enforces is starting grassroots campaigns and political parties that can challenge the mainstream narrative that Democrats and Republicans give to the American people.

We need to stand up and start mobilizing against the plutocracy that governs the United States of America.

Hans Alexander Razo is a Mexican-American Leftist raised in Mexico who currently studies a career on Political Science and Public Administration.

Hans is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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