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Interview w/ Kingsley Hayford Pt. 2 [VIDEO]

Interview w/ Kingsley Hayford Pt. 2 [VIDEO]

This is the second part of our interview with Mr. Kingsley Hayford. Here is a link to the first part:

Interview w/ Mr. Hayford on Sports Innovation (Basketball)- The Untold Story of The Transformation of European Basketball

In this segment of the chat, we discuss Change Management. Mr. Hayford is a Turn-Around Specialist for semi-pro basketball teams in Europe. He takes on clubs that have become stagnant and makes them competitive again in a certain time period.

He discusses his affinity for the game of basketball. His coaching philosophy and getting his teams to play what we lovingly call “Kingsley Ball”- a heavily-defensive, aggressive brand of play reminiscent of my beloved New York Knicks back in the day. Be nice to me…

He also discusses raising one of the best young National Team players in the Netherlands- his daughter Emy Hayford. She is a baseline-to-baseline, high effort coach’s dream. This is a great lesson for Dad or Mom coaches out there that have issues dealing with their budding Michael Jordans. Keyword: Patience.

Please watch, listen and enjoy!

Watch Interview w/ Kingsley Hayford Pt. 2

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Interview w/ Kingsley Hayford Pt. 2 [VIDEO]