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The Rise and Fall of Donald Trump [Satire…maybe]

Act I:
A swanky political dinner party. Drinks are flowing; laughter and highbrow elbow rubbing abound
*Zoom in on a table* Here we find The Donald, his ridiculous hair, The Donald’s wife, Bill and Hillary, a few senators gathered together and some political hangers-on.

The conversation moves to talk about Hillary and her inevitable presidential run. Her eyes gleam at the prospect, she is a shoe in, or is she?  There are rumblings that Bernie Sanders may run with Elizabeth Warren in the wings as Veep.

(The smile leaves Hillary’s face, the bitterness evident in her voice when she speaks)

Hillary: I’m still not sure if I will run again or not.

She knew that was a lie and so did everyone within earshot. After she a) lost outright to Barack or b) was asked to step back with a promise of the full support of the Democratic Party in the 2016 election, there was no way she was going to let the opportunity slip through her fingers again. She needed this. It was long overdue for her and the republic. America needed to show the world how progressive it was and electing the first African-American President would prove that America had moved away from her racially divided past, but she was next, it was her turn.

The Donald: I could run for president. (a little bubble of laughter erupts from their little group). More than a bit miffed that no one took him seriously, he explains why he believes that he could run a campaign.

The Donald: I’d be the best campaigner ever, I’d run a campaign like you’ve never seen before! (laughter again, but not as much, not as robust, the realization he is serious subdues the joviality of the little group)

Hillary is suddenly thoughtful. She wanted this bad, it would be some salve for the attacks she faced because Bill was caught with that damned Monica. The first female president of the United States of America. It has a nice ring to it. Donald running for the republican camp could be the just the edge she needed to assure her victory.
Bill sees her expression, he knew that look. They both know she has to play this just right, she returns Bill’s gaze and he understands.

Bill: I don’t think you know what you are talking about Don, I just don’t think you can pull it off.
and the games begin…

Now, I have to admit that this election has brought out a bit of the conspiracy theorist in me. I mean seriously, Donald Trump has an actual shot at WINNING the presidency. Let that sink in for a minute. So the above is how I imagined this nightmare began; peer pressure, a bit of a wager, and an enormous ego.

But somewhere along the way, it spun out of control. The Donald went rogue. It moved beyond a bet, it became a self-sustaining monster. Trump found that he didn’t have to throw as much money around to gain voters, he just had to be himself–on steroids. There was an actual base waiting, practically salivating, for someone they could throw their support behind; people who felt wronged at having to suffer a black president in the good ole U. S. of A., they finally had their revenge, their savior. Donald Trump. He spoke the hate and fear bubbling up inside of them right out in public, just as bold and brazen as you please. He didn’t care about no Political Correctness. He spoke to the incredulity felt by a whole segment of America who had endured the indignity of a black man winning president TWICE; people who felt that, in and of itself, was all the proof they ever needed to prove that the world was fast coming to an end if they didn’t put a stop to it. A group of people who were fighting for their survival, the last guards of the Confederacy, the last racial purist in America, a group that no one ever openly courted anymore…until now. It was the perfect storm.

Act 2:
America watches in stunned fascination as it seems The Donald can’t make a mistake.

Most of the things he said would be political death for any other candidate but for him, it wasDrumpf Crowd like manna to his voters. Misogyny, Bigotry, Xenophobia, being inept in front of the cameras; it all played into a persona that looked like an episode of American Horror Story and caused a frenzy among his followers.

It fed an ego already bigger than life. He was boastful of the seeming undying love of his supporters, no matter how bizarre his actions they would not only stand by him but cheer him on.


Likewise, no matter how ludicrous his supporters actions he would support them too. The rest of America, the world, watched in gaping horror. How could this happen in 2016? Who were these people who supported this ego maniac? Where had they come from? But we knew where they had come from. They were from the underbelly of the politics the far right had been playing for decades. They were Frankenstein‘s Monster.

Act 3:
The Beginning of the Fall of the House of Drumpf

The tide starts to change. The Republican party, who remain at a loss for how to connect with minorities,(aside: because treating minorities like people is unimaginable) sees an opportunity in Trump’s lack of a filter and belief in his own infallibility. They seize upon the huge mistake Trump made when he didn’t denounce David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the K.K.K, immediately.

But I’ve been watching carefully, there seems to be an upswing in troubles for the Trump camp. One of his campaign strategists quits and eviscerates him publically. His campaign manager is charged with simple battery. And it seems that the media is tired of never getting a straight answer. The very antics that lead him to the spot as the Republican Nominee front runner are the things working against him now. Just as in a relationship, the things you once found endearing are now the bad habits that drive you insane. His time on stage as the Artful Dodger has possibly, hopefully, come to an end. He was called out by Anderson Cooper for responding like a child.
Then Chris Matthews corners him and makes him finally answer directly. And the response was, surprise, surprise, over the top for even some on the right. Women should be punished for having abortions.


It makes one wonder if this is just the inevitable crash and burn of an ego gone over the edge or if this was part of the grand scheme all along on how to bring this fantastical farce to an end.

Is it the beginning of the end or just preparation for an Act 4: President Trump?

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Written by Pamela Getz

Writer and Activist. Follow Pamela on Twitter @goddesspamela.

Pamela Getz is Editor of International Affairs for Progressive Army and a member of its Editorial Board.

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