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Progressives! It’s Time to Speak Up for Bernie


First, the Nevada Caucus was a gut punch. If the faces of the Progressive Army and The Young Turks broadcasts from Saturday were any indication, I am not alone. I have the luxury of only being a writer. I had a couple of days to recover. I maintain my Twitter “activism.” That’s where I have the occasional scrap & share ideas.

The reality for us is that Bernie lost & Team Hillary is gloating. They won. They earned it. We will get over this small margin loss and move on. The Dolores Huerta hoax will continue to be dragged around as if this, this & this never happened. They will use surrogates from the Civil Rights Movement to tell us Bernie’s confirmed Civil Rights activism has no value. We get it. We know she learned her politics from nastiest folks to ever do it. It’s what made Karl Rove rich- attacking an opponent’s strength head on. Just ask John Kerry.

They conveniently forget that money influences politics, Hillary is getting a lot of it, and she is corruptible. If the richest, best-educated people in the world are paying your candidate’s bills, they want a Return on Investment. I doubt she is leading them on or is naive to them attempting to purchase influence. It’s designed to drown out your vote and hand greater control to the rich and powerful. She knows that. Everyone does. Her fan club? Not so much. When they paid her to speak, they weren’t paying a former Secretary of State. They were paying a future POTUS. Save the “punishing success”, “not my Hillary” and sexism charges for someone who doesn’t understand politics or life.

As for my Brothers & Sisters in the Black community: If you are upset at the “Bernie Bros”, block them & get over it. The Clinton Machine is inhaling the Black vote with little-to-no effort, again. Make her work for it, too. Please don’t bother telling me that your arguments against Bernie have nothing to do with Hillary. Stop it. The Dem nomination is a binary choice. You hit one, the other gains. A lot of you have platforms of influence and are hammering away at Bernie because you dislike his fan club. The result, whether we like it or not, is that the Clintons get closer to the White House. We know how that worked out for us, in the long run. If your issue is policy, reach out to one of his surrogates and have a discussion. If you can’t get one of them, the Progressive Army’s Benjamin Dixon or Anoa Changa are always ready for a civil chat & debate. If nothing else, hold Secretary Clinton to the same standard.

Is Bernie a grumpy old man at times? Yes. His policy is not perfect. But, it is solid, worth a try, and we need to move hard left. He has already moved the discourse to the left, away from the Conservative & Conservative Lite agendas, and it can happen in policy from the Oval Office. Will it be easy? No. Before South Carolina was on the horizon, HRC was literally telling you she was not going to change anything. President Obama pulled us from the brink. Imperfectly and under considerable pressure, but he did it. We need someone that will bring the banks “to heel” so we don’t go over the cliff this time. Guess what? We are headed back there again. Hillary won’t stop her buddies on Wall Street. Won’t really try.

For Team Bernie, the message is simple. We keep working. The country needs a Progressive reset. We have to fight, in whatever way is available to us. Let’s grind it out!

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Written by Michael Graham

Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Veteran, Social Justice Warrior. City by birth, Country by default. Follow Michael on Twitter @BLUpfront.

Michael Graham is a Senior Writer for Progressive Army.

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Progressives! It’s Time to Speak Up for Bernie