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    Sarah Smith Responds to Washington State Democrats’ Silence on VAN Access

    A week ago, I reported on Washington State’s Democratic Party repeatedly ignoring congressional candidate Sarah Smith’s inquiries into obtaining VAN access for her candidacy. For a quick recap, check out Smith’s explanation of the situation below. In the week since this situation was first reported, not much has been gained as far as answers from […]

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    A Blue Wave

    At first, I had some difficulty getting a handle on exactly what Donna Brazile’s angle was when, last week, she confirmed one of many aspects of Clinton campaign corruption. A thirty-plus year Democratic Party operative did not seem the likeliest person to be first in line to push the knife in. The most obvious question, […]

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    The Democratic Party Downfall Began With Turn to the Right

    “The Democratic Party now belongs to moderate Republicans.” – Noam Chomsky After the party was on the receiving end of the worst upset in modern political history, reality came crashing, shattering the glass ceiling the nominee had vowed to break. Not only was the White House now lost, but they failed to retake the Senate […]

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    Peter Douche Twitter Account Should Be Reinstated

    Peter Douche

    Last week the parody account Peter Douche (@angryberner) was suspended from Twitter for allegedly impersonating another person, presumably Peter Daou. Peter Douche has been a mainstay in progressive twitter circles the last several months providing witty commentary on the current state of politics. “I should have seen my permanent banishment from Twitter coming. When I […]

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    November 7th was a great day for anyone left of AG Jeff Sessions. The narrative of the evening broadly, was a rebuke of Trumpism. This outcome was a significant response to the rise of Right Wing nationalism that we are currently seeing in many countries. The other important takeaway from the evening was the first […]

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    Congressional Candidate Sarah Smith Denied Voter Data From Washington State Democrats

    A few months ago, Raven Payne and I profiled Sarah Smith, a congressional candidate from Washington’s 9th district. Today, her campaign is voicing frustration over being denied VAN access and, furthermore, not even being provided the documentation to obtain the more expensive replacement. This could be explained by the fact that Smith is attempting to […]

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    Organize for HR669: We Must Prevent Nuclear War

    Look, I’m going to be frank. Donald Trump could end civilization as we know it, and fast. This is not hyperbole. With the U.S. nuclear arsenal at his beck and call, he has that power and more. During the Cold War, nuclear weapons were put on “hair-trigger alert.” And that is where they remain. The […]

  • Live Coverage of November 7 Elections

    Welcome to the Progressive Army’s live coverage of November 7 elections. Our coverage will begin at 7:00 pm ET / 4:00 pm PT. This live blog will include commentary and analysis from Progressive Army’s Anoa Changa, Salam Morcos, Kurt Hackbarth, as well as Democracy for America’s electoral campaign manager Mondale Robinson.