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    Randy Bryce: Iron Stache or Iron Cash?

    Money in politics. Some say it’s inevitable. If you want to win, you have to play the game. In Wisconsin’s first district, Paul Ryan is very good at this game, amassing huge amounts of money and winning elections.   The Democrats – working through Randy Bryce – are doing their best to compete with the Republicans […]

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    The Single-Payer Problem that Doesn’t Exist

    In her recent piece, “The Single-Payer Problem Liberals Don’t Want to Talk About,” Monica Potts incorrectly concludes that the bill introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders, named Medicare-for-All, will lead to the elimination of jobs for low-income women. But this is a phantom “concern” conjured up solely to make the very people who will benefit most […]

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    The Problem with López Obrador

    The third-time’s-a-charm presidential candidacy of Andrés Manuel López Obrador has the wind at its back. But by cozying up to elites and limiting his rhetoric to the fight against corruption, he is failing to build the mass movement he needs to win. If Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO, as he is known for short) were an […]

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    Trump’s UN Speech: Rhetoric of a Dictator

    I have a degree is in Political Science w/ emphasis in International Relations and a minor in Psychology. Yesterday’s UN rant by Trump is inexplicable to me. I just witnessed decades of work, peacebuilding, and international cooperation be flushed down the tubes in the literal center of international diplomacy. To call another leader “Rocket Man” […]

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    Uniting the Left

    I have been planning on writing this article for a while but I always felt that this topic was big enough to write an entire book on. It only consists of two core sets of issues that are important in our society, after all. But I finally am writing this because I feel that it […]

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    Trump Rejects Give Establishment the Reality TV Show They Always Wanted

    The Emmy Awards pulled a publicity stunt that deserves the criticism it’s receiving by permitting former White House Communications Director Sean Spicer to rehab his own image by making a comical appearance, using Melissa McCarthy’s podium to do so. Glaringly out of touch, Stephen Colbert brought Spicer on stage, and Alec Baldwin defended him. Spicer’s appearance was one of several opportunities […]

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    Is North Korea Different?

    Earlier this week I was chatting with two casual acquaintances whom I sometimes run into at the park. The first was a man from Pennsylvania, a staunch Trump supporter; though, it should be said that, as far as Trump supporters go, he is usually very reasonable. The other was a Canadian woman, a self-described “liberal.” […]

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    The Contents of the New Medicare for All Bill

    Senator Sanders released his updated Medicare-for-all bill yesterday. Below is a simple summary of the general contents of the proposal. Coverage Areas The bill requires coverage of hospital services, ambulatory patient services, primary and preventive services, prescription drugs, medical devices, mental health services, substance abuse services, laboratory and diagnostic services, reproductive care, maternity care, newborn care, pediatrics, […]